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  • Any marked off areas may not be entered by any parents, players or coaches. This will include bleachers. Spectators should bring their own seating.

  • We strongly discourage the sharing of equipment. If players do share equipment, we recommend that parents provide their child with items to sanitize between usage.

  • Spectators are allowed. However, due to occupancy restrictions, it is requested that the number of spectators per family be limited whenever possible.

  • We strongly encourage parents and other spectators to practice safe social distancing measures at all times.

  • We strongly encourage parents and other spectators to set up seating along and behind outfield fences to facilitate social distancing.

  • We strongly encourage the use of masks or other face coverings to be used by all spectators. 

  • Restrooms are limited to an occupancy of 2 persons at all times.

  • I the game prior to your game happens to run late, please maintain distance from the dugout to allow other teams to vacate the dugout.

  • Due to field restrictions, batting cages may not be available for use. We encourage coaches to bring portable nets to facilitate warm-ups.

  • There will be no end of game high fives between teams. Instead, please tip your hats to the opposing team.

  • Please avoid handshakes, high-fives, fist bumps, hugs, etc.

  • Please avoid tight team huddling.

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